Novels 50 cents each - $1 (Courtenay)

$0.50 each or three for $1

Barnes, Margaret Campbell. Brief Gaudy Hour: A Novel of Anne Boleyn. 1949.
Beach, Rex. The Silver Horde. 1909.
Bellaman, Henry and Katherine. Parris Mitchell of King’s Row. 1948.
Bennett, Arnold. The Vanguard: A Fantasia. 1927.
Brooks, John. The Big Wheel. 1949.

Chambers, Robert W. The Adventures of a Modest Man. 1911.
Chidsey, Donald Barr. Captain Adam. 1953.
Collins, Norma. The Three Friends. 1935.
Corelli, Marie. The Mighty Atom. 1912 (1896).
Corelli, Marie. The Master-Christian: A Question of the Time. 1900.
Corrigan, Mark. Sweet and Deadly. 1953.
Costain, Thomas B. The Moneyman. 1947.
Cronin, A. J. The Citadel. 1937.

Douglas, O. The Setons. N.d.

Eldridge, William Tillinghast. Hilma. 1907.

Giles, Janice Holt. Hannah Fowler. 1956.
Glaspell, Susan. Brook Evans. 1928.

Jackson, Shirley. Life Among the Savages. 1953.

Kaufman, Lenard. Jubel’s Children. 1950.

Lee, Edna. The Southerners. 1953.

Maass, Edgar. The Queen’s Physician. 1948.
Marsh, Ngaio. Scales of Justice. 1955.
Martin, Robert. Just a Corpse at Twilight. 1955.
Moberg, Vilhelm. Unto a Good Land. Trans. Gustaf Lannestock. 1954.

Norris, Frank. At Last to Kiss Amanda. 1961.

Ramuz, C.-F. When the Mountain Fell. Trans. Sarah Fisher Scott. 1947.
Roberts, Kenneth. The Kenneth Roberts Reader. Introd. Ben Ames Williams. 1945.

Sabatini, Rafael. The Trampling of the Lilies: A Romance. N.d.
Shute, Nerina. Victorian Love Story: A Study of the Victorian Romantics Based on the Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1954.
Stockley, Cynthia. The Claw. 1911.

Turnbull, Agnes Sligh. The Gown of Glory. 1952.

Wallace, Edgar. The Calendar. N.d.
Wouk, Herman. Aurora Dawn; or, The True History of Andrew Reale, Containing a Faithful Account of the Great Riot, Together with the Complete Texts of Michael Wilde’s Oration and Father Stanfield’s Sermon. 1947.

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