Warning to boondockers (Campbell River)

For women/non-binary/femmes in particular boondocking in the Comox Valley:

I was approached in the Campbell River Walmart parking lot while loading bags into my camper by a white man, bald, goatee, in a bright red truck who said his name is Sean.

He was waiting, parked by my van and drove around behind me to abruptly ask, "You got somewhere to park tonight?" and "Boondocking is getting so hard, eh?"

I was confused, since I am NOT boondocking, I was just driving my camper around for a different reason. I told him I have a home. He was disappointed, which was weird.

He claimed to have just opened a restaurant in Sayward, 45 minutes north of Campbell River called "Cable (Bridge)" or something like that, and invited me to park there. He said, "I'm looking for people like you" and that "people always park in the woods there."

I looked it up and a restaurant called "Cable Cafe" in Sayward is listed on google as permanently closed, and the website looks dusty and old. "Sean" had described how to find the place at length, which matched the description online for this Cable Cafe, which again, is evidently not open at all.

It seems like he was hoping I would just follow him all by myself to some closed restaurant in a wooded area. He creeped me out when he said, "I'm looking for people like you" because he was waiting by my van. Was he in CR scoping out the campers and approaching people? He asked me to tell people about it, so here I am doing so, but I'm saying, I wouldn't risk it. He creeped me out.

Ladies, non-binary and femmes in particular, beware! Bless you all in safety and comfort! Please do not go missing.

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