maak plasing gnstling Top Soil, Sand and gravel plus Excavation and Landscaping verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

NEW: Trucking, Excavating and Lanscaping

Top Soil $17.00 per yard. Up to 12 yards per load if needed.
This top soil is back and freshly screened.

Horse Manure composted $210.00 per 12 yards plus GST or $105.00 for 6 yards plus GST

Compost screened from $13.60 to $68 dollars per yard depending on the source and the type.

Skyrocket compost $13.60 per yard up to 14 yards per load.

Sawdust $17.00 per yard tax included up to 15 yard per load if needed.

Bark mulch from $6.00 to $50.00 per yard for composted black mulch.
Beautiful red fir fine bark mulch at $16 a yard;
Black bark nuggets $50.00 per yard.
Loads of up to 15 yards if needed.

Gravel all kinds (Price on gravel is by the tonne and vary depending on the type of gravel.)

Drain rock 3/4" not washed $15.00
Drain Rock 3/4" washed $19.00
Drain rock 1/2" not washed $11.00
Drain Rock 1 3/4" not washed $13.00
Driveway grey chip $25.00
Driveway Blue Chip $30.00
Clear Crush Grey $25.00 (out off stock at this price but can get it for $33.00 tax included.)
Blue Crush gravel with fines $18.00
Salt & Pepper Gravel $53.00
Bank Pit run $6.00
Clean Pit run $ 7.50
3" minus screen pit run $7.90
Cart path chip $ 28.00
Pea Gravel washed $15.00
Navy Jack $20.00
Road Crush $ 13.00
Rap $ 12.50
O/S rock 3-5" $14.75
O/S rock 5-12" $14.75
L/O/S rock 12-20" $22.00
Large Boulders available price on demand

Bedding sand and bank sand (white and brown ) from $5.00 to $16.00 per tonne.

Fill material for $3.00 per ton very clean only some sticks and some rocks.

and more. Just ask.

Trucking cost is added on top of the material price.

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