Macho Deodorant - $12 (Comox)

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$12 for a 75 gram MACHO stick

$10 for the MACHO refill block, because...you are MACHO enough to be able to melt the refill block and pour it into your emptied, but MACHO-cleaned stick to re-use, and re-using things when possible is BIG MACHO!!!

MACHO deodorant for the MACHO who creates a MACHO stink, but is MACHO enough to know it, and is MACHO enough to care about those nearby who might not enjoy the MACHO aroma quite so much.

This scent blend I've made for the MACHO amongst us can be described as an amazingly MACHO composite of: cedarwood, white oak, oakmoss, citrus, white musk, patchouli AND cinnamon.

2nd photo: Are you MACHO like little Jancsika in the photo (the horseman, in blue)? Look...he's missing his right hand YET he STILL rides his horse on the Puszta like a good little Hungarian Csikos. He too uses MACHO deodorant because working all day on horses...a MACHO thing to do, makes ya good and MACHO odoriferous.

Enjoy the photos of the mesmerizing reaction in the jar as the deodorant cools and hardens. Are you mesmerized like a MACHO should be? Good.

Last photo shows the MACHO re-using of a used and MACHO-cleaned deodorant stick container by pouring the melted refill block into it. MACHO!!

Operators are standing by, waiting for your MACHO orders.
E-transfer please, no more no-shows for me because it's NOT MACHO to be a pie-crust (flakey).

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