dog training (Black Creek)

offered in person
If you have a dog that has issues with people, or with other dogs, I will help them overcome this aggression. Typically they feel ostracized, anxious or uncomfortable, or simply need a proper outlet for all of their energy. I will speak with you and spend time with the dog first to assess for myself what the root of the issue seems to be, and I will train this behavior out of the dog, as well as leaving you with a lot of insights on how to interact with your dogs, especially in the situations that there seems to be problems. I’ll have both you and your faithful canine feeling confident in each other!

I’m very experienced with all sorts of dogs, especially larger breeds, and I’d love to share this experience.

My sessions vary in length, depending on the assessment of your pup, and the owner needs. Typically I’d prefer to do once or twice weekly sessions to really reinforce positive behavior, if it’s recurring as such I charge $100 per 2-3 hour session, and I will do some work with the owner but primarily work with the dog one on one.

If you prefer just a single session, I offer that as well however the owner must be present the entire 2-3 hour session, and that will cost $300 as it’s a one off and I need to leave you with the tools you need to succeed in helping your dog on your own.

I also offer longer term training or dog care, I will take care of your dog for a period of time, and do behavior training as well as teaching some new skills. Pricing is negotiable on this, and I’ll only take one dog maximum at a time. I have a very large property that is suitable for a training environment and helping them release any anxiety or aggression, with trails, an agility course, and other very well mannered dogs that will assist in the behavior training.

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