Looking for Land to Live on in my RV (Merville)

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I’m 62-years-old, quiet easy going, don’t drink or do drugs and in desperate need of a place hopefully in the country or on a farm where I can live. I have a 5-year-old Black Lab dog who is a certified, registered service dog and the most well behaved, people loving dog you will ever meet! He will steal your heart! He’s not a barker, only if there is a bear or cougar around then he lets off a couple of deep barks and then stops. He loves all people and was raised being trained around all farm animals including horses, chickens etc and also really loves children.

The thing is, I have a 24’ travel trailer, self contained that I live in and another 18’ one I use for camping. I also have a nice utility trailer, a quad and my main truck so would need enough room for these. Where I am now for the past 1.5 years then 4 years before that I own Comox Valley Guitar Repair to supplement my income. Now I am set up in a small pump house about 25’ x 20’. I would love to have a small outbuilding where I could continue to do this and would need minimal electricity. I have some power tools that I use such as a belt grinder, table top band saw and a small drill press I rarely use. I also own a small welding machine and compressor and can be quite handy to have around. I was an Engineer and a Journeyman Pipe-fitter before health took me out of the work force. So I’m very versatile when it comes to doing jobs or chores around the property etc.

I would need water hookup, internet and power for my trailer that I would be living in. I barely consume any power at all as I mostly use my 12 volt system.

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