Various Drawknife sizes - $45 (Seal Bay Park)

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Bates road
condition: good
make / manufacturer: Jennings Griffin
model name / number: D.R. Barton
size / dimensions: 6 8 10 13
Prices vary, by size and manufacturer.
Here are some quick details:

SOLD - 6 inch, slight curve (both planes), slightly flared handles. Lots of life remaining in the steel edge. Back is quite nice, as are the original handles. Stamp is very hard to read, but I recognize it as D.R. Barton (1832) Rochester, N.Y. The classic oval can just be made out at either end, same as DR 18 and R all in the expected orientation. Peculiar sizing stamp, it reads “IN 6” instead of “6 IN”. $40

SOLD - 8 inch, slight curve (both planes), flared handles. Lots of life remaining in the steel edge. Back will clean up well. The original handles are almost perfect, right up to the ferrules. Stamp is clear. The Jennings and Griffin Mfg co. N.Y. Model no.42. Really smooth factory grinding and shaping. Super price at $45.

- presently 9 1/2” (was likely 10” before all of the sharpening). This must be British or German (or continental Europe), given the handle style. The stamp is great - two opposite-facing eagles with a cross in between, and “M and V” within the large cross. Basically flat back, swept edge. Nicely forged, out to the palm-sized handles. Nifty leather sheath. A well-worn draw knife can be very versatile. The back can be ground slightly so that it can “scoop” inside curves, rather than digging in. $45

- 10-inch with a solid repaired handle. Straight handles. Sizing is stamped, and a good cleaning will probably turn up a mfg mark. The back is smooth; straight edge. Very clean; expect a small effort to get this mirror-finish. Same comments as above for a well-worn edge. $30

- slightly over 13” blade. Blacksmith-made, rock-solid handles (they remind me of chair legs). Might be rock maple, fine wavy grain, perfect choice of material anyway. Back is curved in the direction of cut. This would be a good one for de-barking. $35

If you need something smaller, or proper spoke shave tools, let me know.

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