In Search of Free Sawmill, Jointer, and Planer (Comox Valley)


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to this wonderful community in search of a sawmill, jointer, and planer. If you or someone you know is retiring, downsizing, or simply looking to pass along these tools, I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give them a new home.

My passion for woodworking began years ago, inspired by my father, a dedicated farmer. Watching him work with these tools instilled in me a deep appreciation for craftsmanship. During high school, I found joy in the process of creating with my hands, a joy that has stayed with me ever since.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working on various projects, including building houses, barn roofs, garden boxes, and fences. Now, as I prepare to start a family with my wife, my dream is to take this passion further. I have access to wood and a vision to use it for building our own home and other projects that will allow me to work from home.

I am at a point where working for others is no longer fulfilling, and I yearn to be home with my wife, creating and building for our future. Having a sawmill, jointer, and planer would provide me with the necessary resources to pursue this goal. These tools would enable me to build the infrastructure needed for our farm and household, making my dream a reality.

If you have these tools and no longer need them, please consider passing them on to someone who will cherish and utilize them with great care. Your generosity would make a significant impact on my life and help me continue a cherished family tradition.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request. I appreciate any help or leads you can provide.

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